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You may be wondering what we are all about and how IPv4-to-IPv6 Tunnel Proxies can greatly improve your social media account farming experience. This service enables you to reach the IPv6 Internet by tunneling over existing IPv4 connections. This means you can have your own ipv6 ip address access without needing native support from your local internet service provider.

In the social media world, sites like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, and Netflix are all ipv6 capable websites. This means we can use ipv4-to-ipv6 tunnel proxies on these sites. What is the advantage? In a typical ipv4 range, you only have a maximum of 255 ip addresses. In a single ipv6 allocation, you have 18 quintillion possible ip addresses. However we never use them all, and we never set them up in numerical order. Instead, we take 1-2 ip addresses from every 18 quintillion (called an ipv6 /64) to create a massive and hugely diverse proxy service spanning hundreds of thousands of ipv4-to-ipv6 tunnel proxies across many thousands of different ipv6 ranges. Using this method, you can create and farm as many social media accounts as you can handle.

Whether you are the Instagram Account Farmer, the Google Adwords Account Farmer, the Facebook Account Farmer, or the Yahoo Account Farmer, ipv4-to-ipv6 proxies have every scenario covered in providing you with large amounts of high speed and super reliable proxy networks that are completely undetectable to social media networks.

Can my bots use this proxy system? The answer is yes. Whether you use Mass Planner, Bluestacks, Follow Liker, IGCreator, or any other bots or automated account creation or management systems they all work. No modifications are necessary and you can immediately get to work.

Ok, I'm convinced this is the right proxy system for me...but explain to me how it works in very simple terms: You are given a set of very specific ipv4 proxies. You load these specific ipv4 proxies into your browser or your bot software. Your computer (or your vps) sends its task request to the proxy server over normal ipv4. Once the data reaches the proxy network, it sends the request out to the internet using specifically mapped ipv6 ip addresses. In essence, all the internet can see is an ipv6 ip address, not the ipv4 that you used to send your data to the proxy network. Once the requested data has been sent back to the proxy network from the internet, its sent back to you over ipv4. Social media websites never see the ipv4, only the ipv6.

For our American Netflix fans that are based outside of the United States physically, this same system works for streaming. If you want the American version of Netflix and you want the ability to stream your tv shows and watch movies, this same system can easily provide it.